Water is a very important part of everyones life and when your Water Well starts having issues it can be very problematic. That being said as long as you properly maintain your Water Well you should be able to avoid those issues. Here are a few tips to make sure your water runs smoothly.

  • Have your Well Checked Once a Year to insure that Drinking water is clean. Make sure the maintenance personnel also runs a Bacteria Test. If you need to run a Bacteria Test feel free to contact Florida Pump Service and we’ll take care of it for you.
  • Routinely make sure that Hazardous things such as paint or motor oil have not found their way into your Well and also make sure that anything hazardous around the well is removed.
  • It seems like a no brainer but it is very important to make sure the Well Cover is not damaged. This will prevent things from leaking into the Well.
  • When doing Landscaping make sure that the top of the well is a good distance (1 ft +) above the ground to avoid getting debri in the Well.
  • Always make sure to put your well records in a dedicated place. This will help your maintenance personnel if there is ever an issue with your Well
  • Always be cognoscente of changes going on around your well to insure nothing is a danger to it.

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