A statewide law that covers pool pumps and pool pump motors is set to go into effect on March 15th 2012 (Full Bill). The law is part of the Florida Energy Act and changes the types of filtering pool pumps and motors that can be installed on residential pools. (Pool specific portion)

Most pool pumps are currently single speed. This means that they run at one speed the entire time they are on. The new law requires that any new pool pump, 1 HP or larger, must either be 2-speed or have a variable speed motor. So, if you are in need of a new pool pump, or you need your motor replaced, you will have a few options. First, you can replace your motor with a new 2 speed motor or variable speed motor. Or second, you can replace the whole pump with either a 2 speed or variable speed pool pump.

The downside of the new law is that there is a considerable price difference between old single speed pumps and motors. Installation and purchases can be anywhere from $400-$900 more for the new pumps. HOWEVER, these new pumps will pay for themselves in as soon as 8 months. We are seeing customers save up to $60 a month on their energy bill. So, while the initial costs are more, the savings more than pay for itself within a year.

We will be unveiling new pool pumps in the coming weeks. We’ll include reviews, specifications, and recommendations. Stay tuned.

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