How to Clean Clogged Impeller

*Make sure to disconnect all power to your Pool Pump Before doing anything else*

1. Many Pool Pumps will have a clamp or a nob that will allow you to remove the Pool Pump from the Water System.

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*When pulling off motor from pump the motor may be hot so be careful*

* Make sure water valves are closed so area doesnt flood*

2. Grab the back of the motor and pull it away from the Water System. (You may have to wiggle it at first)

3. Now you will need to remove the Diffuser which is covering the Impeller. You will need to unscrew the Diffuser from the Pump.

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4. Now that the Impeller is exposed you need to look at it and identify what is clogging it.

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5. Once you identify it, take a wire or something that you can fit in through the side of the impeller to get the debri out.

*Pliers can also be helpful to get debri out.

6. Once the Impeller is clean you will need to reattach the Diffuser and tighten all of its screws

7. Reattach pump to Water Filter system

8. Tighten Clamp or Nob to secure Pump

9. Prime the Pump. Here are instructions
How to Prime a Jet Pump

10. Make sure to reopen water valves.

11. Turn Power back on

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