There are a number of issues that a Jet Pump can have. Among those issues there are a few that are quite common. We are going to go over some common issues to check that will most likely get you’re your Water Pump up and running if it will not start at all.

The Zone Valve may not be opening. This makes it so that water can’t flow through the Pump. Check to see if your Water Systems pressure has dropped. If so this could definitely be your issue.

Check the Circuit Breaker. Check all of the circuits and wires to see if any wires are disconnected or if you can see obvious damage.

Is your Motor Set to the correct Voltage? This mistake happens a lot more than one might think. There is usually a switch that you can toggle between the motors different voltage options. (This is assuming that you don’t have a Single Speed Pump.)

Check Wiring on motor. Just like you checked the Circuit Breakers wires, now you want to check the actual wiring on the motor.

Not getting any Voltage? Make sure to see how much, if any, voltage you are getting from the side of your motor. If you are not getting any voltage the pressure switch could be the issue.

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