When you initially think of having a pool installed you have the normal happy go lucky attitude. You just think of all the awesome Summer Pool Parties and having relaxing days Poolside. Those moments are definitely there but it seems like the reality of pool ownership hits when you start having the dreaded Pool Pump Problems.

The issues that come along with Pool Pumps Problems can be so broad. It can be everything from the annoying noisy pump to the pump that just dies and is seems like nothing but a very heavy paper weight. Sometimes the issues can be fixed relatively easily (especially with professional help) and sometimes it’s time to look for a New Pump.

Here are a few Key Factors that will help you decide if you are better off Repairing your Pool Pump or Replacing your Pool Pump.


1. Clearly the first thing you would do is see if the cost to Repair the pump is lower than the cost to get a Replacement.

2. If you want to avoid the expense of hiring a Plumbing Contractor

3. If your Pump was purchased within the last 5 years. Most Pumps are good for a decade so this could be more cost effective in the long term.


1. If your Pool Pump is too powerful or not powerful enough to do what you need it to. If you are running a monster of a Pump without needing all of that power you are likely running up your Utility bill. This also works Vice versa with a pump that is not powerful enough to handle the job.

2. If your Pump is over 5 Years old. If you are having trouble at this point it will usually be cost effective to get a new one.

3. If you live in States with Strict Energy Use Laws. States like Florida, Texas and California are serious about conserving energy. They require that pool owners install Energy Efficient Pumps

Florida Pump Service

If you need an Energy Efficient Pump the Pentair WhisperFlo Pump is one of the most efficient and cost effective Pool Pumps on the market.

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