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Myers 05014A157 Gasket

Myers 05014A157 Gasket for HJ and HR Series Pumps

Myers 12367A000 Jet Nozzle

Myers 12367A000 Jet Nozzle For HJ50S

Myers 12371B000 Diffuser

Myers Plastic Diffuser 12371B000

Myers 16622B010 Impeller

Myers 16622B010 Plastic Impeller

Myers 18622D001 Pump Casing

Myers 18622D001 Pump Casing for HJ50S

Myers 20936D001 Seal Plate

Myers 20936D001 Seal Plate For HJ50S and HJ50D

Myers 25886A500 Venturi

Myers 25886A500 Venturi for HJ50S

Myers HJ50S 1/2 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump

Myers HJ Shallow Well Series is one of the most popular pump series in the market today. Known for its superior performance and dependability in home, farm, business and industrial applications around the world, the HJ Shallow Well Series is perfect for applications requiring a lift of 25’ or less.
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