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New products

Myers HA2-20, Horizontal 2" Well Adapter

Myers HA2-20, 2" Well adapter with 1" threaded drop pipe port.

Goulds 1K324 Casing

Goulds 1K324 Casing for GT Series Pumps

Goulds 1K333 Casing

Goulds 1K333 Casing for J5S,J7S,J10S and J15S Pumps.

Goulds 1K311 Casing

Goulds 1K311 Casing for J5,J7,J10 and J15 Pumps.

Goulds 5K256 Diaphragm

Goulds 5K256 Diaphragm for GT Series Pumps

Goulds AV21 Pressure Valve

Goulds AV21 Pressure Control Valve for VJ10 Pumps

Goulds 3K56 Diffuser

Goulds 3K56 Diffuser for VJ10 Pumps

Goulds 2K716 Impeller

Goulds 2K716 Impeller for GT10 Pump