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Need to Fix Your Sta Rite Pump? Sta Rite Pump Parts

So you notice that your water isn’t running like it normally does and you start to investigate what the problem is. After going down the list of things that could be causing the problem you finally end up at your Sta Rite Pump and realize that it is what is causing the problem. After you get done yelling obscenities at it you calm down and try to figure out if you are going to have to get a replacement or if you will be able to just replace one of the Sta Rite Pump Parts. Let’s take a look at what the different parts are and what they do.


Sta Rite Pump Parts



The motor is what causes the Impeller to spin inside of the pump. If your pump will not start, it is normally more cost effective to buy a new pump (unless your warranty covers it)

•Seal Plate

The Seal Plate keeps water from leaking from pump

•Seal Plate Gasket

•Shaft Seal


The Impeller is constantly spinning to help water continue to flow efficiently


The Diffuser optimizes the flow of water through the pump

•Diffuser Gasket

•Pressure Switch

Allows you to control the pressure output of your Pump


As you can see just because your Sta Rite Pump is having issues does not mean that you need to automatically trade it in for a new one. If your pump is leaking you may want to check if your seal plate is cracked and is calling the leak. If your pump simply isn’t pumping water at the rate that it normally does you may want to look into getting the Impeller or Diffuser replaced.


If you need to get a new part take a look at one of our Parts lists to make sure you get the right one. Just Click the link for your Sta Rite Pump Model and choose the picture that displays that Pumps Parts.  If you already know the part number simply type it into our Search bar and you can order it!

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