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Don’t Let Your Pool Drain Your Account: Picking the Right Pool Pump - Friday, December 5, 2014

Adding a pool to your house can be a very exciting experience. You finally made it and now you have so many choices to make to have the pool of your dreams. With all of this excitement it is very easy to overlook some very important things that will have a big impact on your wallet over time.

One aspect of your pool that is very important is the Pool Pump that you choose. Single Speed Pumps are very common among pools because they are relatively inexpensive. One thing to keep in mind with when buying a pool pump is that you don’t want to think of the purchasing price but rather the cost to operate the pump. This is very important as it will save you money in the long run.

The way to make sure you save more money long term is to buy either a Two Speed or Variable Speed Pool Pump. These pumps allow you to change speed they are running at. With these pumps you can set the pump to run at a high speed when you are doing something intensive (ie vacumming the pool) and the rest of the time run it at a lower speed. This will save you 40 to 70 percent on monthly costs.

Many people are also under the misconception that the more Horsepower a Pool Pump has the better it is. Higher Horsepower does mean that the pump is more powerful but it definitely doesn’t mean it runs more efficiently. In fact, on top of having a Two Speed or Variable Speed Pump, the lower horse power your Pump runs at the more money you save on energy costs.

Pool Pump Cost Performance 

Cost Breakdown of Pump Size to Operating Cost




These are just a few of the very important tips that will make sure your pool doesn’t drain your bank account.

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Pool Pumps: Single Speed vs. Two Speed- Friday, November 7, 2014

Pool Pumps: Single Speed vs. Two Speed


When you are a new pool owner it is very easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options that are out there. There are many different brands and models out there, not to mention Horse Power, Speed and Voltage of each Pool Pump. Today we are going to talk about the difference between Single Speed Pumps and Two Speed Pumps.


Single Speed Pool Pumps


An easy way to think about Single Speed Pool Pumps is that they run at one constant speed. With these pumps there's no guess work on which speed they are running. They only have two modes, being turned on and turned off. One great thing about the simplicity of the Single Speed Pool Pumps is that they tend to last a long time. One Brand in particular that is known for being long lasting is Hayward Super Pump.It has been the industry standard for a long time.




Single Speed Pumps are very efficient since they are only set to one speed. These pumps will always be set to the high setting. Single Speed Pumps also tend to be less expensive since they have been used for a long time.




Since the Single Speed Pool Pumps are always set to the highest speed they are not very energy efficient. These pumps also tend to be louder because of the high speed.


A few High Quality Single Speed Pump Brands are:




- Betta Flow


Two Speed Pumps


Two Speed Pumps are very similar to One Speed Pumps but they have both a low and high speed. The low function is used for basic functions like circulating water through your pool. The high speed is used for more intensive things like using your pool heater.




The obvious advantage of the Two Speed Pool Pumps is that you can alternate between two speeds. For the most part you will set it to the Low Speed and in turn you will save a lot of energy costs compared to the One Speed Pumps.




The main disadvantage of the Two Speed Pool Pumps is that they can be significantly more expensive than the Single Speed Pumps.

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